The Wildlife

The watersheds of the Tongass National Forest support abundant and diverse populations of  wildlife, including some species that are found nowhere else in the world and several species that have experienced population declines in the southern portion of their ranges. Over 70 species of mammals large and small are found in the Tongass, including more brown bears than the entire Lower 48 states combined, as well as black bears, wolves, squirrels, and martens. The watersheds of the Tongass also play host to moose, mountain goats, and Sitka black-tailed deer.

In addition to the mammals, over 275 bird species (including 150+ breeding species) utilize the watersheds and coastlines of the tongass national forest. The Tongass is home to the highest nesting density of bald eagles in the world, with some 7000 adult eagles inhabiting the tongass year-round and another 5000+ non-breeding and juvenile eagles migrating south to Washington and Oregon for the winter.