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Mining For Answers

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Southeast Alaska: Melting Funds for Tongass Tourism Gem

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KSM Part III – ‘A perfect storm’ for mining push?

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Boost in B.C. Mining has Alaska Fishermen Nervous

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Clark’s mining push meets resistance

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AK Officials Need to Pay Attention to BC Mines

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Native Band Downstream from Proposed B.C. Mine fears Long-term Pollution

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BC Mine Threat Sparks Worry in Alaska Rainforest

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Tongass National Forest, On The Rebound

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Timber, new districts among region’s top stories-CoastAlaska

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Not the time to Close Tongass Cabins

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The Salmon We Caught Last Summer Are From The Forest

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A New Plan for the Tongass National Forest

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2008 Tongass Plan to be Reviewed

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Report: Southeast Economy Booming

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Southeast Population, Payroll Hit Record Highs

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Thank You Tongass National Forest For Banner Salmon Season

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Let’s Prioritize Southeast Alaska’s Wild Salmon

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Fishing in the Salmon Forest-Part5

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Fishing in the Salmon Forest-Part4

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Fishing in the Salmon Forest-Part3

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Fishing in the Salmon Forest-Part2

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Fishing in the Salmon Forest, Part 1

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Wrangell Finds Economic Health in Fishing Fleet

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A New Idea to Protect Tongass Salmon — Carl Safina

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Will Tongass Salmon Find Champions in Congress

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National Fisherman – June 2013

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Saving Salmon; You Start With The Trees

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Why I Support The Tongass 77

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Tongass Fishermen Head to DC

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Southeast Fishermen Lobby for Stricter Salmon Habitat Protection

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Congress, Meet Tongass

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Following Fish

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Hoonah Chef Dazzles with Salmon Creations

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Sitkoh River: Good fishing begins with a bulldozer

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Wrangell’s Recovering Economy

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From Sitka to Madison: Finding New Ways to Sell Seafood

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From Timber to Tourism: Hoonah Evolves to Meets Its Economic Needs

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Respecting Resources, Respecting the Land

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Icy Straits Lumber and Milling Co. Expands

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Transition for Tongass

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Summer Project Will Restore Critical Salmon Habitat in Tongass National Forest

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Restoring the Sitkoh River

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Sitkoh River Restoration Underway

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Restoring — and Rerouting — the Sitkoh River

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Sitkoh River Restoration Project Under Way

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USDA Forest Service to Restore Critical Salmon Habitat

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Alaska’s Fishing Industry: The Universal Relevance of a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

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Juneau Fisherman Makes His Case for Salmon in Nation’s Capital, March 8, 2012

Alaska Fishing Advocates Lobby for Tongass Salmon Habitat,  March 12, 2012

Alaska Fishermen Tell Government to Focus on Salmon, Not Logging

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Funds Sought to Restore Salmon Watersheds in Tongass

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Fisheries and Restoration are Growth Industries for the Tongass

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Tongass National Forest, An American Best Wild Place Part One, Part Two, and Part Three

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Trout Unlimited Praises Record Southeast Salmon Harvest

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In Alaska, Beautiful Stream is FUBAR No More

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Officials Celebrate Restoration of Alaska River

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Conserving Wild Salmon Habitat Makes Sense for Southeast Alaska

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Tongass Should Be Managed For Fish First

Fishermen’s News, February 10, 2011

Trout Unlimited Helps Restore Tongass Salmon River

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Salmon Project Marks New Direction for Tongass Forest